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to a large degree 时词组,意思是:在很大程度上,在句子里作状语,修饰affect 谓语是:will affect 翻译:你作文的笔迹将在很多程度上影响老师的评分。

to a large degree the measure of our peace of mind is determined by how much we are able to live in the present moment flame...

1.My view on this issue to a large extent differs from his.这句话是有谓语的,谓语是differs from。。。。differ是different的动词形式。differ from=be different from。 2.这也是 A differs B (A与B不同的句型,),但 主语what I am fou...

to a large extend to a considerable degree 一般就是to ** degree 这个模式

This is a highly amusing film. 10) greatly adv. (with verb forms, esp. the past p.) to a large degree; very greatly moved by his kindnes ...


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